"I wanted to let you know how pleased I was with all the plants I bought from you this year! The tomatoes are the best ever and I am so sad it will be getting cold soon and they will all be gone. I think my peppers came from you too and boy did they ever produce. Please,  keep me in mind for next year; I'm hoping to expand my garden! :) "

Gina, October 2, 2014


"If we have extra eggs we have given them to our very best friends.  Each friend has come back with the exact same words "These are the best eggs I have ever had!"

Kristi,  March 22, 2014


"This is the perfect set-up for picking raspberries"

Anonymous, Sept 2013 U-pick customer


I must say that everything we got from you this year was beautiful, You have an incredible talent for growing vegetables

Steve J.


Melissa, the veggies are stunning!  I can’t wait for tomorrow’s salad!

Laura T.


"We love the eggs we buy in France, but yours are even better!"



I wanted to give you a plant testimonial on the strength of your plants. We planted your tomatoes Friday. On Saturday we came home from the farmer's market and found that sometime during the rain, both our 75 gallon rain barrels had fallen over and poured a deluge through our garden. All the mulch was in our lawn. The tomatoes were in a direct path, not far from the barrels. They stayed straight and strong.

Ruth M.,  June 8, 2014