Heirloom Vegetables

Heirloom Organic Vegetables

Taste is very important to us!  We will not grow a variety that looks better than it tastes!

An "heirloom" vegetable is one that has been passed from person to person down through the generations.  In the Seed Savers Exchange (SSE) catalogue the family where the seed originated and a short blurb about the history of saving seeds in the family is usually part of the description for the vegetable.  Generally, heirloom vegetables are not hybrids, as heirlooms breed "true", meaning that if you take the seed from a long cylindrical yellow tomato the grown-out seed will become a plant with those same fruits.  If you took the seed from a hybrid long yellow cylindrical tomato and planted it the friuts may be round and yellow or a cylidrical and red (the seed goes back to the parent seed).

We grow and sell the following:

Basil: Sweet Genovese and Thai

Beans (dried): Seven Songs Farm Cranberry Beans

Broccoli: De Cecco, Calabrese

Cilantro:  volunteers! - unsure of the variety

Kale:  Red Russian

Lettuce: Lettuce mixes, Green Oakleaf

Onions:  Egyptian or "walking" onions, we harvest as green onions

Rhubarb:  variety unknown -- transplanted from a friend's neighbor's yard in Duluth

Shallots:  Yellow Moon Dutch (all new seed in 2014)

Spinach:  Winter (great out of the hoophouse in the spring!),  Tyee (a hybrid - grows even in the hot summer)

Sweet Potatoes: Korean Purple (not in 2014)

Tomatoes:  Speckled Roman, Mortgage Lifter, Pink Brandywine, Glacier, Copia, Kellogg’s Yellow Breakfast, Cherry Roma, Peacevine Cherry, Orange Banana Paste, Tanana, Blondkopfchen Cherry,

Tomato Plants: all of the varieties above - available late May

Winter Squash: Table Queen Acorn, Delicata, Sibley

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