Our Farm

We farm organically and as of August 2014 our herbs, fruits and vegetables are certified organic through MOSA (Midwest Organic Services Association).  Our 7 acre farm in southern Goodhue County provides habitat for a variety of birds, amphibians, and mammals in the pasture and woods, as well as in the farm fields.   We are reclaiming a barn and granary built in the1890’s (they were on the verge of collapse when we arrived) and we have built a hoophouse in order to provide produce for more of the growing year.  Please visit us!!

Our Philosophy and Mission

We believe that ecology and agriculture must be complementary to sustain human life on earth.  We model this by providing delicious organic herbs, fruits and vegetables, and animal wefare approved eggs grown in a watershed- and earth-friendly way to our friends and neighbors.  We believe that good food is essential for good health. We sustain our farm and ourselves by charging a fair price for what we consider the most healthy, best tasting, and ecologically sound  food available!